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First Year Teacher Program



Teacher Toolbox


 1.  Print awareness
 2.  The sounds of speech
 3.  Phonemic awareness
 4.  Phonics
 5.  Informal classroom-based assessment
 6.  Fluency
 7.  Vocabulary
 8.  Spelling
 9.  Writing
 10.  Text comprehension

Diary of a First Year Teacher

Module 5  –  Informal classroom-based assessment

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1. Which is an example of an informal reading assessment?
a. informal reading inventory
b. letter/sound recognition
c. concepts of print
d. all of the above

2. Which informal assessment requires a student to read aloud from a text?
a. oral reading accuracy
b. letter/sound identification
c. concepts of print
d. all of the above

3. A letter/sound recognition assessment can reveal whether or not a student knows her ________:
a. capital letters
b. letter sounds
c. lowercase letters
d. all of the above

4. Informal assessment tools help teachers to:
a. determine which students have dyslexia
b. determine which students need extra support
c. determine which students are 'gifted'
d. none of the above

5. _______________ assessment can be given as part of an Informal Reading Inventory or combined with a comprehension assessment.
a. letter/sound identification
b. concepts of print
c. oral reading accuracy
d. phonemic awareness

6. Assesments should be given:
a. only at the beginning of the school year
b. several times during the school year
c. only during state-wide assessment days
d. none of the above

7. The best informal assessment measures students' ___________:
a. phonemic awareness ability
b. understanding of speech sounds
c. knowledge of letters
d. there is not one best informal assessment

8. Assessments can serve to ____________:
a. "test" the teacher's teaching skill
b. "monitor" students' progress
c. "guide" classroom instruction
d. all of the above

9. Which assessment asks students to "point to a word"?
a. comprehension
b. reading accuracy
c. concepts of print
d. none of the above

10. Informal assessment can be part of an instructional plan that includes:
a. delivering instruction
b. administering standardized evaluation
c. revising lesson plans
d. all of the above

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