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First Year Teacher Program



Teacher Toolbox


 1.  Print awareness
 2.  The sounds of speech
 3.  Phonemic awareness
 4.  Phonics
 5.  Informal classroom-based assessment
 6.  Fluency
 7.  Vocabulary
 8.  Spelling
 9.  Writing
 10.  Text comprehension

Diary of a First Year Teacher

Module 9  –  Writing

  |   Pre-test  |  Intro  |  In depth  |  In practice  |  Assignments  |  Post-test  |  


1. "Rough drafts" are important because they allow students to:
a. proofread work for errors
b. replace overused words
c. reflect and make changes
d. all of the above

2. Writing should be:
a. the most important subject
b. given as homework nightly
c. modeled by teachers and parents
d. all of the above

3. Struggling writers may benefit from:
a. talking about a writing assignment
b. being given extra time to complete writing assignments
c. getting feedback that lets them know that their writing is valued
d. all of the above

4. Brainstorming is the _______ step in the writing process?
a. first
b. second
c. third
d. fourth

5. Which is not a step in the writing process?
a. brainstorming
b. retelling
c. editing
d. publishing

6. Writing should be a part of the instructional day in which of the following grades?
a. kindergarten
b. first grade
c. second grade
d. all of the above

7. Writing is a skill that:
a. develops naturally
b. improves with practice
c. should not be evaluated
d. none of the above

8. Students should work with peers as a way to:
a. get feedback on their draft
b. have input from others in the editing process
c. make improvements to the draft
d. all of the above

9. The last step before students turn in the 'final copy' is:
a. editing
b. framing
c. publishing
d. none of the above

10. _______ contributes to writing success in children.
a. meaningful oral language experiences with adults
b. exposure to print on a regular basis
c. practice engaging in writing
d. all of the above

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