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 1.  Print awareness
 2.  The sounds of speech
 3.  Phonemic awareness
 4.  Phonics
 5.  Informal classroom-based assessment
 6.  Fluency
 7.  Vocabulary
 8.  Spelling
 9.  Writing
 10.  Text comprehension

Diary of a First Year Teacher

Module 2  –  The sounds of speech

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Assignment #1:

Now that you've had a chance to learn about phonemes, let's see if you are able to do the following exercise!

How many phonemes do you hear when I say the words below? Click on the word to hear me say it, then highlight the line underneath each word to see the answer.

Example: book
Answer: 3 /b/-/oo/-/k/

Example: day
Answer: 2 /d/-/ay/

Example: can
Answer: 3 /c/-/a/-/n/

Example: sand
Answer: 4 /s/-/a/-/n/-/d/

Example: at
Answer: 2 /a/-/t/

Example: walk
Answer: 3 /w/-/al/-/k/

Example: bat
Answer: 3 /b/-/a/-/t/

Example: by
Answer: 2 /b/-/y/

Example: bath
Answer: 3 /b/-/a/-/th/

Example: tight
Answer: 3 /t/-/igh/-/t/

Challenge Question: (You can do this one!)
Example: hopeful
Answer: 6 /h/-/o/-/pe/-/f/-/u/-/l/

Assignment #2: Practice blending phonemes into words.

Let's practice blending phonemes. We'll use the phonemes from assignment #1, so that you get additional practice with the same sounds.

book Listen walk Listen
day Listen bat Listen
can Listen by Listen
sand Listen bath Listen
at Listen tight Listen

hopeful Listen

Teaching Tip:

Having students repeat an activity or do one that is similar can help students understand and internalize difficult concepts. When practicing with your students be sure to focus on words with 2-3 phonemes before progressing to words containing 5-6 phonemes.

First Year Teacher was a pilot project of Reading Rockets, which is service of WETA, Washington D.C.'s flagship public television station. Funding for First Year Teacher was provided by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs; The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation; and The Overbrook Foundation.

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