Level IV Winners

White House Contest Winners: Level IV

Check out the winning entries in the 7-9 grade level contest.

Winning Entries

Honorable Mentions

Winning entries

Rebecca Twinney, Pittsburgh, PA

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Vivek Gorijala, Herndon, VA

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Mikaela O'Connor, Naples, FL

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Honorable mentions

Alahna Ingrid Kindred, Naples, FL

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Hans Guthrie Myers, West Springfield, PA

Notes from Hans:

Robert Todd Lincoln, eldest son of Abraham Lincoln, was a captain on the staff of Lieut. Genl. Ulysses Grant, and was present at Appomattox (See "Genl. G.")

Fido was the name of the pet dog of the Lincoln family, and Tad was reported to have lost the dog on the 10th of April, and recovered him on the 12th.

This letter is an inference, as after Mary Todd Lincoln's admittance to the Mental Ward in the 1870's, Robert burned most every piece of writing from his father that he could get.

Coincidentally, it was the 11th that Lincoln had the dream he recounted to his Cabinet.

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