Level IV Winners (Short Form)

An Exquisite Prompt inspired by Exquisite Corpse author Linda Sue Park and Rose C.

Writing prompt

Park is a gifted writer of historical fiction. She weaves together powerful storytelling with a deep interest in Korean history to create timeless stories like her Newbery winner A Single Shard (set in the 12th century), Kite Flyers (15th century), and Seesaw Girl (17th century). Rose C. from Durham, North Carolina, found a time period that really interested her and introduced us to some intriguing characters living in the Elizabethan era. Some background research will help you create a toolbox of facts and descriptive details to place the falcon-boy Thomas and his sister Margaret in future time period — almost a reverse of Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court — but not present day. Be sure to include an interesting way to transport these characters through time and have them learn something that would help improve their lives should they return to their own time period.


B. Waite

Powell, WY

Honorable Mention

A. Anderson

Germantown, TN

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