Level III Winners

An Exquisite Prompt inspired by Exquisite Corpse author Calef Brown and Sophie C.

Writing prompt

In Dutch Sneakers and Flea Keepers, Calef Brown includes a clever poem about a creature he invented, the Tattlesnake. Sophie C. from Bethesda, Maryland, thought up her own imaginary creature by brainstorming a similar play on words and invented the Whinoceros. The name of her make-believe animal suggests he's something rather unpleasantly unusual and her rhyming poem describes this animal's unique qualities, which unfortunately include the fact that he carries a very catching disease for which there is no cure. Help us get to know the Whinoceros a little more — we know about the havoc he wreaks, but how does he feel about being a plague carrier and having people yell "Igglemigglemye!" to scare him away? Continue Sophie's poem, but write it in two voices: the perspective of the Whinoceros and a friend who is trying to help him feel better about himself.


G. Erixon

Omaha, NE

Honorable Mention

N. Allbritton

Phoenix, AZ

Honorable Mention

H. Ervin

Phoenix, AZ

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