Level II Winners

An Exquisite Prompt inspired by Exquisite Corpse author Gregory Maguire, Madeline W. of Richmond, VA, Anna M. of Wilmington, DE, and others

Writing prompt

Whether he's writing for adults or for children, a lot of Gregory Maguire's books have a fairy tale back-story. In his imaginative retellings, certain elements remain that help remind the reader of the original fairy tale. It's almost as if he has a catalog of fabulous fairy tale objects. Our own Fairy Tale Catalog, made up of winning and other excellent student writing, is brimming with descriptive copy for all kinds of fabulous fairy tale objects. Browse the Catalog and think about what you'd buy from the Catalog. Imagine that you made a purchase of one of the fairy tale objects, but when you received and tried it, were dissatisfied with your purchase. Write a review of the product for the Catalog to warn other shoppers about product quality, customer service or unmet expectations. Be specific about how you used the product and in what circumstances it did not work as advertised.


K. Van Riper

Oakland, CA

Honorable Mention

E. Bauschard

Hinsdale, IL

Honorable Mention

K. Lalgudi

Portland, OR

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