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Magazines for younger and older kids

March 6, 2012

Magazines are great reading options. There's new content in every one, and if you have a subscription, it's great fun to get the new issue in the mail! Articles are short enough that they can be read in one setting, and there's usually a variety of writing in each one. The best magazines for kids I've seen often include recipes, jokes, craft ideas, and some stories.

I've written about magazines for kids before, but am revisiting the topic now that my older daughter is 11 (gulp!). I want to give her a subscription to something age appropriate yet stay away from topics like dating, kissing, and more!

Thankfully, Parents' Choice just released their review of children's magazines. The Parents' Choice 2012 Magazine Awards is a really helpful guide to magazine options for kids. Magazines receive a rating ranging from Gold to Silver to Recommended to Approved. Each magazine is reviewed with a full description and a link to the publisher for more information.

Based on what I've read, I'm considering ordering Kiki for our 11 year old, and Cricket for our 9 year old. I'd like to see a sample of each one before I place an order for a full subscription, so I'm hoping our public library has back issues of both.

How about you? Do you subscribe to any magazines for your child? If so, which ones?


I agree with Reading in Motion that any time we can get kids to read--and enjoy reading--it is a wonderful thing. I think magazines are particularly exciting for children. Possibly because they are usually very colorful and include photographs or because they arrive in the mail or for another reason. I look forward to looking through the Parents' Choice recommendations as well.

Anytime we can get reading materials in children's hands is a wonderful thing - either books or magazines! The link to your Parents' Choice 2012 Magazine Awards seems to be broken (it looks like the problem is on their website) but here is one I've found that seems to be working:'re looking forward to going through the list and finding age-appropriate magazines for our little learners. Thanks again!~Reading In Motion (

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