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Maria Salvadore

Reading Rockets' children's literature expert, Maria Salvadore, brings you into her world as she explores the best ways to use kids' books both inside — and outside — of the classroom.

November 15, 2007

On this day 100 years ago a woman was born who would write dozens of books, including one about an extraordinarily strong, very red-headed, independent character who resonates still with young readers — Pippi Longstocking (Puffin). Happy birthday, Astrid Lindgren! More >

November 14, 2007

A link sent to me by Joanne Meier, Sound It Out blogger, reminded me that all too often we take for granted that kids know how to handle money. The article suggested that books can help adults teach children how. More >

November 7, 2007

How do we keep kids reading as they get older and busier? It's not always easy, but the importance and pleasure of books can grow as children do — especially if concerned adults continue to introduce them to good stories, exciting books, lots of ideas, and take the time to share these ideas. More >

October 31, 2007

It's Halloween and spooky stuff abounds, not the least of which is the way childhood is being compressed. More >

October 24, 2007

They're a fruit. Native Americans used to flatten strips of them to make mats. The smaller ones are usually the best for making pies. And most are available — happily — in October. More >

October 16, 2007

Long ago, I attended a conference at which author, illustrator, and storyteller Ashley Bryan talked about illustration and art. I remember he told the large audience gathered that children often ask when he first started creating books. Proudly, this elegant man described how he wrote, illustrated, published, marketed, and distributed his first book — when he was in kindergarten. More >


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