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Authors (and illustrators) are coming!

June 23, 2010

It's almost here! The annual gathering of the American Library Association begins at the end of the week in Washington, D.C.

It's a time to share and gather information, meet old and new friends, and to celebrate award-winning books. Among them are the Newbery and Caldecott Medalists.

One of my newer friends, 4th grader Laura from Indiana, is coming to town to meet some her heroes — the authors who have written this year's Newbery Medal winning and honor books. Laura is probably going to gather up contenders for consideration for the Mock Newbery she's started in her hometown.

(You may remember that Laura made it her goal to read each and every Newbery winner ever written — and she's done just that, ranking them.)

Maybe Laura will have a chance to spend time in exhibits and talk to some of the publishers. And if she snags a picture with Greenwillow editors, Virginia Duncan and Steve Geck, then she'll win a collection of their 2010 books. (Even if no one gets the picture, the Greenwillow blog is a wealth of information about both Newbery and Caldecott honorees, not to mention tons of other creators.)

In any case, I'm sure looking forward to seeing Laura again — and to meeting the people who created the range of wonderful award winning books. The Newbery Committee, of which I was part, worked diligently. Now we get to celebrate with friends old and new!


I am on my way!!!! I can't wait, see you soon. this many book lovers in one place, amazing

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