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Home for the holidays

December 20, 2007

We're home for the holidays. In fact today was my son's last day of school until after the start of the New Year. We'll take in movies, visit with friends and family, and continue to share books.

Reading is a year round tradition in our home, but the holidays are an especially good time. I like the image (and believe me, it's only a fantasy!) of sitting around a cozy fireplace sharing stories, reading, and talking about books.

Even the coldest days are warmed by good stories. It seems particularly appropriate to tell or read tales of gift giving, like Rabbit's Gift (Harcourt) in which generosity is returned to the giver. Rabbit's found turnip comes full circle, to its satisfying conclusion — like any good story!

I'll be back early next year — probably with something about the January 3rd announcement of the first-ever American Ambassador for Young People's Literature. It's a new position rather like the British Children's Laureate. It should be fun to find out who the first American to fill the ambassadorship will be.

Thanks for reading Page by Page this year. I look forward to next year — one filled with books and storytelling and great adventures.

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