Archived: Vocabulary articles

Many of our articles dated 2000 and earlier can now be found in this archive.

By: G. Reid Lyon (1997)
Some children encounter obstacles in learning to read because they do not derive meaning from the material that they read.

By: Carl B. Smith (1997)
From webbing to semantic feature analysis, this article describes strategies for teaching vocabulary that replace memorizing definitions with building concepts.

By: Texas Education Agency (1996)
Learning the meanings of new words (vocabulary) helps children to read more complex books and stories and to learn wonderful new things. Children learn new words by being read to and by reading on their own; the more children read, the more words they are likely to know.

By: Texas Education Agency (1996)
Children who identify quickly and correctly most of the words in the books that they are reading usually comprehend what they are reading.

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." — Frederick Douglass