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Books can transport you through space and time. Meet kids from California and Brazil whose dance could be a martial art. Use your imagination to travel to long-ago Japan with Annie and Jack. Visit a longtime friend who lives half a world away. Learn words in French or in Spanish. Take a close look at a magical underwater or starry world -- all without leaving your home. Wherever you go, make sure to take along a book, and remember: books take you places!

Quotable Quotes: The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go. -- Dr. Seuss

Capoeira: Game! Dance! Martial Art!

By: George Ancona
Genre: Nonfiction
Age Level: 6-9
Reading Level: Independent Reader

A trip to Brazil inspired this look at a unique sport called "capoeira." The result is a compelling journey into capoeira's history and its popularity around the world. The book begins with students at an academy in Oakland, California. Well-placed and -paced, full-color photographs chronicle this amazing activity.

Dragon of the Red Dawn (Magic Tree House #37)

By: Mary Pope Osborne
Illustrated by: Sal Murdocca
Age Level: 6-9
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Travel with Annie and Jack to the city of Edo in 17th century Japan on a Merlin Mission to find one of the secrets of happiness. The siblings spend an exciting day with the wise and respected teacher, Basho, using their research skills for a fast-paced, informative, and fantastic adventure.

Half a World Away

By: Libby Gleeson
Illustrated by: Freya Blackwood
Age Level: 3-6
Reading Level: Beginning Reader

Best friends Amy and Louie are inseparable and — "coo-ee!" — even have a special way to call each other. But then Amy and her family move half a world away draining the color from their world — until Louie figures out how to imaginatively communicate with Amy even though they are far, far apart. The distance that separates the children and their strong bond are powerfully conveyed in dramatic watercolors and gentle text.

Jump into Science: Coral Reefs

By: Sylvia Earle
Illustrated by: Bonnie Matthews
Age Level: 3-6
Reading Level: Beginning Reader

Readers explore a coral reef with a snorkeling young swimmer and see what she sees as she views a tropical reef. Inviting language and crisp, full color illustrations depict coral reefs and the plants and animals that live in and around them.

Lily Brown's Paintings

By: Angela Johnson
Illustrated by: E.B. Lewis
Age Level: 3-6
Reading Level: Beginning Reader

Lily Brown loves her family and the world they share, but she also loves to paint and travel the world through her imagination. Luminous paintings depict Lily's creative travels to the stars, the seashore, and more, before returning to her family.

Ms. Frizzle's Adventures: Ancient Egypt

By: Joanna Cole, Bruce Degen
Illustrated by: Bruce Degen
Age Level: 6-9
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Imagine traveling to Egypt with the well known and much loved teacher, Ms. Frizzle. Well, the kids join the Friz on a trip to Egypt finding them enmeshed in the goings-on of ancient Egypt – including mummification and building the pyramids. The intermingling of lively text and adroit illustration are well placed in the oversize format.

My First French Book: A Bilingual Introduction to Words, Numbers, Shapes, and Colors

By: Mandy Stanley
Age Level: 3-6
Reading Level: Beginning Reader

Prepare for a visit to a French-speaking country as you count from one (1) to ten (10) or les nombres de un/une (1) a dix (10) in this brightly colored "first" book. Intended to build vocabulary, concrete objects or shapes accompany the word in both languages with a pronunciation guide to accompany the words introduced. Trying to learn Spanish? You'll be interested in My First Spanish Book!

Patterns in Peru: An Adventure in Patterning

By: Cindy Neuschwander
Illustrated by: Bryan Langdo
Age Level: 6-9
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Matt and his twin sister, Bibi accompany their scientist parents to Peru where they stumble into an archaeological adventure. They ride their guanaco (a cousin to the llama), decode the patterns on the poncho, and find the mysterious lost city of Quwi! A note to adults suggests additional patterning activities.

Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere!

By: Bob Barner
Age Level: 0-3
Reading Level: Pre-Reader

Meet penguins that live in icy places and in the heat as they cuddle and huddle, swim and waddle, honk and more. Lively language and bold, bouncy illustrations bring these appealing creatures to life for young readers, while slightly older kids and adults can get even more penguin tidbits from the Penguin Puzzler and Penguin Parade at the book's end.

The Old Chisholm Trail

By: Rosalyn Schanzer
Age Level: 6-9
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Travel back in time with a bunch of cowpokes and their cattle from Texas all the way to Kansas on the old Chisholm Trail. Cartoon-like illustration and surprisingly informative language of a traditional folksong blend laughter and learning as the tale unfolds — with or without the tune (though music is included).

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