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Somebody's Getting Married

Marriage symbolizes the start of something new. It also may bring up questions for children about how families grow and change. In these books recommended for children ages 0-9, weddings are explored from the perspective of a child, addressing the range of emotions that arise and the variety of traditions that mark this special celebration.

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Amber Brown Is Green with Envy

By: Paula Danzinger
Illustrated by: Tony Ross
Age Level: 6-9
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Amber Brown’s narration brings drama and humor to the story of her life after her parents’ divorce. She alternately feels green (with envy), blue (with melancholy) and red (with anger), during this transitional time in her life, and gives young readers new language to express their own feelings.

Beni’s First Wedding

By: Laura Breskin Zalben
Age Level: 3-6
Reading Level: Beginning Reader

As the page boy in his friend’s wedding, Beni carries the ring and experiences the excitement of his first wedding. Rich in Jewish wedding tradition, there is a sweet treat offered to guests at the end — and the recipe is included!

Harry Gets an Uncle

By: Barbara Ann Porte
Illustrated by: Yossi Abolafia
Age Level: 6-9
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Harry’s Aunt Rose is getting ready to marry the tuba player in her five-piece band. Will Harry’s first experience as a ring bearer be as awful as his friend’s stint as ring bearer and flower girl combined? This warm family story is punctuated with gentle humor.

La Boda: A Mexican Wedding Celebration

By: Nancy Van Laan
Illustrated by: Andrea Arroyo
Age Level: 3-6
Reading Level: Beginning Reader

Maria looks to her grandmother to explain the rituals and traditions she observes at her first wedding. Their conversation, sprinkled with Spanish words, is carried by the evocative illustrations that depict this Zapotec Indian wedding celebration in Oaxaca, Mexico. A helpful Spanish glossary and an introduction to Zapotec culture and religion are included.

Lettice the Flower Girl

By: Mandy Stanley
Age Level: 0-3
Reading Level: Pre-Reader

Lettice, a small rabbit, is asked to be the flower girl in her dance teacher’s wedding. Giselle, a human, has asked a boy named Harry to be the ring bearer. Harry and Lettice share the joy and a bit of tension at this special occasion that is as sparkly as the pages of the book.

Lilly's Big Day

By: Kevin Henkes
Age Level: 3-6
Reading Level: Beginning Reader

Who else except Lilly would Mr. Slinger, Lilly's favorite teacher, invite to be flower girl in his wedding? His niece, Ginger, that's who! Lilly's indomitable personality and the author's genuine respect for children shine through in this wholly credible story — a very funny and satisfying saga in which Lilly saves the day.

Nadia's Hands

By: Karen English
Illustrated by: Jonathan Weiner
Age Level: 6-9
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Nadia is thrilled to be the flower girl at her aunt's wedding, yet continues to worries her classmates will respond on Monday to the temporary henna tattoos (mehndi). The intricate hand decorations that wear off slowly are a tradition of the family's Pakistani background. Respect for tradition and the need to conform are at odds, but then resolved in this well illustrated story.

The Ring Bearer

By: Laura Godwin
Illustrated by: John Wallace
Age Level: 0-3
Reading Level: Pre-Reader

This story prepares a child for what to expect at a traditional American wedding, from the point of view of the ring bearer. The simple rhyming text concludes with the bride and groom driving off, the ring bearer and other children throwing seeds for good luck – for “This is the way/The wedding will go.”

The Wedding

By: Angela Johnson
Illustrated by: David Soman
Age Level: 3-6
Reading Level: Beginning Reader

Daisy narrates, in short, poetic language, how her older sister prepares for her marriage to Jamal. The emotional tale conveys both the joy of the marriage and the sadness of a sister leaving home. But ultimately, as Daisy and her family look at the wedding pictures, they remember the day fondly. Realistic illustrations enhance the story and add detail.

Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding

By: Lenore Look
Illustrated by: Yumi Heo
Age Level: 6-9
Reading Level: Independent Reader

Jenny's favorite uncle, Uncle Peter, is getting married. Now Jenny won't be his only "special girl" any longer; she'll have to share him with Stella! But Peter's bride is as happy to have a new niece as she is beautiful and wins Jenny over. Child-like illustrations reflect the traditions and warmth of this Chinese American family.

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