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A Chance to Read: Access Granted

Dr. Christopher Lee, an adult with severe dyslexia.

"A Chance to Read," a new PBS show produced by WETA Washington D.C., highlights new strategies driven by emerging research that shows what's happening across the country to help children with disabilities find success.

The show is hosted by actress Molly Ringwald, who grew up reading to her father, who is blind. "A Chance to Read" will air this fall on PBS stations across the country.

One of the segments in "A Chance to Read" follows the work of Dr. Christopher Lee, an adult with severe dyslexia. Dr. Lee, an administrator at the University System of Georgia, heads up efforts to share the benefits of assistive technology with students.

Using emerging technologies, Dr. Lee has been able to complete his Ph.D. and write two books about his experiences as a student with dyslexia. Now his mission is to share that technology with students who have disabilities.

To find out more, you can read about other segments in the show, watch the show online, or check the broadcast schedule to see when the show is airing locally.

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